Creative Technologies

With over 13 years experience working alongside teachers and parents in New Zealand and in the UK; the Technobabble team can offer tried and tested lessons for students; and practical hands-on PD workshops for staff.

Lessons can cover the wide gamut of digital media, ICT and design. They have a strong focus on 'learning through play' constructivism, self-direction and collaboration. It is integral to our teaching philosophy that students or teachers leave each lesson with something tangible.

What you won't hear us shrilling about are proprietary apps, interactive whiteboards and bloated content management systems. Though our time may cost, education should be free and accessible, so where possible our software choices are either freeware or open source. We are here to teach concepts not software products.

The Information Age has brought about not only new opportunities to teach but also new difficulties, all at an increasing rate. We don't expect teachers or parents to know all there is, but we would like to think that we can help by filtering through the distractions, highlighting the useful and ultimately demystify the techno-babble.

Strategic Planning

We can help you make the right purchasing and training decisions regardless of your budget or school size.

Extension activities

Providing extra learning opportunities for the gifted and talented, These can be extra-curricular or in-school.

Education focused design

Specialising in simple, light and user-focused design, we have experience in web design, graphic design, photography and film.

Projects, Events, Hirage

We can help design creative one off training events (and LAN parties). We also hire out our meeting space on Cuba Street which is stocked with a full suite of 11 computers.

  • Meeting Room - A professional meeting space with large LCD Screen. Seats 11 adults.
  • Hosting and catering - We can host the event so you can focus on your Powerpoint.
  • LAN Party - Play against your friends with our well stocked collection of lan games.
  • Set of laptops - A group of laptops to demo an idea, website or product

"The staff team and students across the school benefited from the regular weekly sessions they had with Alan during 2013. He worked flexibly with individual teachers and their students to extend their digital media skill base.

He pitched his sessions well building on prior learning and experience. Students and teachers, with Alan's support, were able to take their new learning and use it across the curriculum and in a variety of different contexts. Both staff and students gained confidence in using their new learning. "

Sue Clement - Principal, Te Aro School

"It has been great working with Alan to introduce a technology focus into our Sound Full education programme. Thanks for your time and expertise."

Claire Hopkins - Gallery Educator, City Gallery Wellington