Professional Development

One-to-one, small group and large group workshops for Primary, Intermediate and High School teachers. We work with you to develop relevant, authentic and fun workshops that align with the NZ curriculum as well as the systems and practices you currently have in place. Hosted at your school or at our dedicated teaching space.

Below is a list of some of the workshops we have run. We always like to sit down first and find what what would work best for your situation.

Skills for classroom management


  • How to use Google Drive
  • Organising your classroom photos
  • Getting your email under control
  • Running a simple classroom blog
  • Powerpoint tips and tricks
  • How to take good photos
  • How to film and edit video
Skills to acquire for use in class


  • 3D design with Sketchup
  • Stopmotion and claymation
  • Basic programming skills (Scratch)
  • Basic electronics (Arduinos)
  • Record an audiobook or Podcast
  • Make ebooks and motion comics
  • Minecraft for good and not evil
School-wide and administration


  • Cyberbullying and Digital Citizenship
  • What will my classroom look like in 2020?
  • Run a lunchtime Radio Station
  • Run a weekly TV show
  • Set-up a recording studio
  • Set-up an in-school social network
  • Set-up a reception display

"Alan has an uncanny ability to bring technology into the class in both authentic and fun ways. He translates ICT concepts and processes in ways students (and teachers) can comprehend and understands how to incorporate these concepts into inquiry learning topics.

Alan’s patient and relaxed manner has made our staff professional development sessions with him both constructive and enjoyable. He is very adaptable and is able to adjust these sessions to cater for the individual needs of the staff involved."

Clint Brandon - Brooklyn School

Alan brings a dynamic energy to integrating ICT and technology into classrooms and he is able to creatively make connections to our topic based learning. We have worked on many projects together including using Arduinos and film to produce imaginative work which children love participating in. He chooses programs that are accessible for children and is supportive and fun to work with.

Claire Tocher - Te Aro School