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Alan Proctor-Thomson

Educator & Co-Director

There isn't a digital design practice Alan hasn't either worked in or taught since getting his Amiga 500. A jack-of-all-trades and a master of some, he has practical knowledge in electronics, game making, 3D design, programming, animation and videography and prefers to play in spaces where these converge or clash.

The only things in his house that haven't been taken apart, modified, or customised is his wife and two daughters.


Sarah Proctor-Thomson


In her day job, Sarah is a researcher and educator in the Victoria Business School, Victoria University of Wellington. Her research expertise is around work organisation in the creative industries and not-for-profit sector and she has a particular interest in gender, employment and career issues in these areas.

Through her involvement in the strategic development of Technobabble’s approach and services, Sarah is planning to change the world for the better -That is, to help foster playful, innovative, and courageous young people who will change the world with their wit and passion for all things creative and geeky.



Guest Speakers

We have a close network of Wellington street artists, electronic musicians, scientists and film industry professionals who love to have opportunities to share their knowledge and craft with others.

We can book them as speakers or create collaborative workshops with them